The Studio

Arraiolos & Associados is a Lisbon-based architectural studio, founded on extensive experience developed over the past years in large and small-scale projects.

The studio deals with different types of programs - from urban design to renovations and new constructions - always focused on a precise understanding of the context and looking for specific answers for each problem.

The development of the projects is done in an integrated manner, in close collaboration with the engineering team and other consultants involved. Always attending to the client needs and looking for both spatial and construction quality.

We believe that architecture must last in time. While contemporary, it is always part of the past and will be part of the future. Intelligible continuity that allows us to establish connections and understand the layers of culture and time.

Marco Arraiolos

Born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1975

Graduated in architecture from the F.A.U.T.L., Lisbon Portugal in 1999

Collaboration with architect Vitor Figueiredo, Lisbon 1999 . 2004

Principal architect in Vitor Figueiredo studio, Lisbon 2004 . 2007

Project manager in Francisco Aires Mateus Studio, Lisbon 2007 . 2018

Visiting assistant professor in UAL, Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa 2008 . 2018

Founding partner of Arraiolos.Bassi Arquitectos, lda., Lisbon 2018

Founding partner of Arraiolos & Associados Arquitectos lda., Lisbon 2022


Marco Arraiolos

Elena Dalbon

Carlota Claro

Rodrigo Silvestre

Roberta Bassi

Ambra Orlandelli

Daniele Fecoli